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Meet Our Co-Founders
Sarah Norris & Hannah Poulton


Sarah Norris


I qualified in 2001 as a physiotherapist and simultaneously qualified as a pilates teacher. It was my pilates career that introduced me to the world of women’s health and I worked with mums to be and new mums very early on in my career, blending my clinical knowledge as a physio with my pilates teaching. I couldn’t believe the lack of resources for women at the time and support within this period. This became even more apparent after the birth of my first born in 2006.


I was a mum and physio on a mission to offer support to our female clients. I opened my first clinic (The Physiotherapy Centre) in 2006 and now manage busy clinics and classes full of mums to be and new mums in addition to other services. I also squeeze in being a Master Pilates Trainer AND have produced my own successful women’s health courses.


To summarise I LOVE teaching, presenting, sharing my passion and I adore the world of women’s health. Everything Natal truly is a dream Project for me. Oh, I also had a C-section

with my youngest and I am happiest being with my family, travelling the globe, drinking my morning cappuccino and chatting pelvic health.


Hannah Poulton 


I started within Physiotherapy in 2002, progressing within my career to become the Clinical Lead for Physio in 2014.  My passion for working in womens health and scarring started soon after this. Fast forward to 2019, and I had trained in scar therapy, opened a bespoke scar therapy clinic at the hospice I was working in and was looking at extending my skills. I left the NHS to set up HLP Therapy. Here I was able to enhance my womens health career, deepen my knowledge and understanding of scars and treatment protocols and make a difference worldwide to the aftercare of c-section mums. 


I enjoy collaborating with like mind professionals, sharing good practice and encouraging and supporting others. I use a combination of my physiotherapy degree, acupuncture, scar therapy and womens health knowledge to always deliver a gold standard of care.  


On a personal note, I'm married and a mum of two adventurous boys! My second son was born via C-section, so I have a professional and personal understanding of C-section birth and recovery. I also love being outdoors and having adventures with my family. 

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